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Two Rivers Rendezvous

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Two Rivers Rendezvous


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July 20-23

So, how do I get there?

Just saddle yer hoss and set out north from Libby headed fer Libby Dam. Take a hard right after crossin'
the Fisher River junction bridge and continue fer eight miles. Take another right at the sign and foller yer nose another half mile.

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Ok, I'm here, now what ?
Just follow the signs and pick yer camp. Thars' primitive, modern tent, and tin teepee areas. Just register at the booth and pay yer fees. You won't need a whole stack o' pelts cuz the fees are cheap!

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Events Begin Friday

  • Rifle Trail
  • Hawk/knife trail
  • Pistol Trail
  • Peewee and Junior
  • Mountain Man Run
  • Games for all ages
  • Funshoots
  • Hawk Poker

Registration Fees

  • Camping.............Free

  • Shooters/person.$15.00

  • Family................$30.00

  • Traders...............Donation to the trade blanket

  • Long Gong...........$2.00



  • Dry Camp - Bring your water

  • Fire Bucket required. Open fires will be restricted. Be prepared to shoot early in the day due to fire restrictions

  • Long Gong winner receives half the pot

Registration Information

Dave "Brokenrod"

3688 S. Hwy 2

Libby, MT 59923