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Made with Xara The heart of Rendezvous is the mountain man camp. Within most camps you’ll find primitive camps with Tee Pees, wedge tents, traders, and possibly a blacksmiths tent or other crafter tents. The idea is to have an encampment that resembles those of the fur trade era as claosely as possible. Most rendezvous offer a variety of competitive shooting events with rifle, pistol and archery. Firearms may be flintlocks or percussion and may be rifled or smooth- bore. While some shoots have traditional paper targets, many have targets that bang, clang, break or wiggle. In addition to firearm events, rendezvous feature tomahawk and knife throwing events as well. All the events may be rolled together into a “mountain man run” that combines shooting, throwing, fire start with flint and steel, trap setting all while being timed.